Welcome Message


Welcome to Al Resalah American International School. RAIS is a new American curriculum school located in the Emirate of Sharjah, Al Rahmania area. Alhamdulillah, the school had its humble beginning opening in August 2015. Our objective is to impart to learners the requisite secular and Islamic knowledge, in the appropriate balance, of a standard that will readily be recognized by any professional educational organization. In our endeavor to achieve this objective, we are committed to excellence and quality in every aspect of the learning process.

The curriculum is based on an integrated system in order to provide a well balanced program. The education of our children is student-centered, emphasizing the uniqueness of each individual. We believe that all children have special abilities and that each child is unique. It is our duty to nurture these abilities. As such, our core ideology is that EVERY CHILD IS IMPORTANT. Our teaching methods are designed to stimulate, motivate and encourage each child to achieve to his or her full potential, taking into account each child’s individual talents and needs.

We follow the academic calendar as prescribed by the Ministry of Education and observe important events within the Islamic calendar; adjusting the school program accordingly.

We invite you to visit our school and assure you that you are always welcome.