Elementary School Curriculum (Grades 1 to 5)

Elementary School Curriculum (Grades 1 to 5)

Our academic curriculum is developed based on Common Core standards for each grade level and on UAE prescribed Ministry of Education (MOE) Curriculum. The curriculum scope and sequence is content-focused and adapted to meet the needs of each student at every grade level.

RAIS is dedicated to providing a nurturing, skill based, developmentally appropriate education based on students’ individual needs. The classroom team works together to develop and adapt instructional plans on a regular basis to meet the diverse learning styles of our students.

The curriculum is designed to help each student become a confident, successful leader and to help him or her integrate into the RAIS social community and the community at large.

Subjects taught in the Elementary School are:

English, Math, Science, Arabic, Islamic, PE, Art, Social studies, ICT and Qura’an.

The curriculum focuses on student progress, independence, and building knowledge in each content area.

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