High School

High School

In order to be granted an American High School Diploma, the student must complete all credits as per the graduation requirement.  

The school offers career and guidance counseling to enable students to understand the graduation requirements and make the right choices regarding their course selections including electives and their respective credit requirements.

In keeping with the graduation requirements, the school offers courses within these domains:

• English

• Science

• Math

• World Language

• Social Studies

• Physical Education

• Visual/ Performing Arts

• Choice of electives based on school offerings that include Advanced Placement (AP) courses

A hallmark of our program is the early recognition and consistent re-evaluation of student strengths and interests as a way of engaging students in the high-level curricular study. Students are challenged to pursue learning in creative ways, and to actively collaborate, communicate and cooperate with classmates and teachers.

    1. Have moral courage to stand up for what is right be resilient in the face of adversity

    2. Be able to collaborate across cultures and be socially responsible

    3. Be innovative and enterprising

    4. Be able to think critically and communicate persuasively

    5. Be purposeful in pursuit of excellence

    6. Pursue a healthy lifestyle and have an appreciation for aesthetics

    7. Be proud to be UAE and understand UAE in relation to the world

    8. Be accepted in international universities / colleges

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