The life of a student with individual needs at Athena

At Athena we value every student and celebrate individual needs. This begins the moment they enter our schools. In the first days of every student’s entrance their teacher completes initial checklists which highlight their needs and strengths. Our inclusion leads then review these with the teachers to identify students who may need additional support or challenge.
Once a student has been identified with individual needs they are recorded on our Inclusion Register and their journey of personalised inclusive care begins. Following the procedures on the Inclusion Flowchart we form a team of dedicated professionals around the student including the student themselves, parents, teachers, inclusion leads and where applicable specialists or therapists.
This team works together to compile an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and communication is constant throughout the academic year. We come together each term to review the IEP and celebrate the student’s achievements for that term.
Our team has access to a range of assessment tools to identify a wide variety of needs and abilities.
We use a range of specialised programmes of support according to the student’s needs,
All pupils of determination and our gifted and talented students are tracked individually to monitor their attainment and progress helping us to tailor support in achieving their goals.

See our Strategic Inclusive Education Plan for 2019-2020 here.

Here are more details about our Inclusion Leaders and the ways that we support students :

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