RAIS Transport Fee
Sr. No Route Area 2023-24
Yearly Fee
Two Way
1 Sharjah " Al Rahmania 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,UmFenen,Qarayen 1,2,3,4, Al Noof,Al Jarina,Qatah, Siyouh,Al Dhaid,Bustan, Dhaid,Tenij Dhaid,Al Hissan,Dhaid,Sohaila,Siji,Telezafran, Dhaid,Taybah,Jabel Omer,Rafeah,Al Tarfana,Brair Bridge 11,Al Muwafja,Al Batayeh,Alzubair,Al Sajaa,Al Ramatha,Al Telaa,Al Dafen,Al Shahba,Al Riffah,Al Azra,Al Ramlah,Al Riffaa,Sharjah,Barashi,AlBarashi,Ibn,Rasheed,Maleha,Washah, Dhaid " 4,200
2 Ajman Raqayeb Yasmeen,Muwaihat,Numeiya 4,725
3 Umm Al Quawain Falaj, Al Mualla 5,250

oAl Resalah American International School of Science offers bus facilities to Sharjah, Ajman, and Um Al Quwain.

oOur well-trained bus drivers and assistants ensure the safety of all students from pick up to drop off.

oWe value parents’ input, and we take care to address requirements and respond to feedback immediately.

oWe are very thankful to the students and parents for their cooperation.

Payment Option

• Monthly payment [10 Month] can be done through Cheque, date should be dated before 10th of every month.

Forms to be submitted

• All required and fully completed Transport Contract.

• Registration Form.

Please send a copy of the signed forms to and please retain a photocopy of the document for future reference.

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