Principal’s Message


Salam Aleykum Parents,

Welcome to the Outstanding 2019-2020 school year.

If I were to ask you only 1 thing that would be followed daily, it would be “ اقرأ كل يوم- Read Every day.”

Reading is the fundamental component to your child’s success. Please encourage your son or daughter to read and unlock the Genius potential within.

Our driving force is: 6.2.3 School improvement plans are coherent, ambitious and based on accurate self-evaluation. They contain extensive strategic and operational actions, which promote innovative and creative solutions to address the school’s and the UAE’s national priorities. They result in sustained, positive effects on students’ achievement.

We thank you for your support, collaboration, and look forward to an Outstanding year together.


Jazakee/Jazak Allah Kher.


Forever Learning,


Mr. G.


Principal – Steward

Al Resalah American International School

“Speak Good or Remain Silent.” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).